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Are you planning on growing your company over the next 3 years? 

                  We help legal services attract, hire and retain talent. 

                                    Working in partnership with the law society                        

We are HR Strategy Consultants that specialise in strengthening your employee value proposition for a better return on investment.

Your growth plans are reliant on you retaining your best performers but doing so can be challenging.  We believe you need a fresh approach to your people strategy that is magnetic and aligned with your business objectives.

Total Reward Consulting

Your total reward is the analysis of various components: compensation and benefits, recognition, work-life effectiveness, performance management, and career development.  We believe that by regularly assessing the strength of your employee value proposition you will have a total reward strategy that helps you manage  financial, organisation, and talent management risk.

Employee Value Proposition Assessment

If you are curious to see how your people strategy compares with industry standards, we have designed an assessment that measures the strength of your EVP. You will receive a FREE detailed report on where you might be at risk and provides guidance on how you can make changes.

Is your people strategy fit for purpose?

Take our EVP assessment to see how your current processes measure up against industry standards. It takes only 5 minutes.

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