Meet the Executive Team

Company team

Andre Thomas, Managing Director

Founder and chief visionary, Andre is the driving force behind Thomas Telman. He is a regular contributor to the law society publication, Managing For Success and  is a speaker at conferences providing guidance on how firms can reshape their people strategy for a better ROI.  

Company team

Frank Saxby, Director 

Frank has been described as "conscientious and inciteful."  He has considerable experience and knowledge working as a practice director and now offers his expertise as a management consultant improving people strategies, culture and profits.  

Why work with us

Law firms that are experiencing employee turnover issues but want to grow are asking 3 key questions:

1. How do we attract, and retain the right talent if we are not paying huge salaries?
2. How do we manage our workplace culture across multiple sites? 
3. How do we develop our people strategy for a better ROI?

We believe that clarity on these questions will strengthen your brand improving your competitive advantage.

What we do 

We help firms improve their ability to attract, hire and retain talent for better business performance.

How we make a difference

We research and write white papers and articles for the law society providing free guidance to members on how to attract, hire and retain talent for a better ROI.  

We provide advisory services to help firms improve their structure, talent acquisition processes, systems and workplace culture.


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