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Are you planning on growing your company over the next 3 years? 

                  We help legal services attract, hire and retain talent. 

                                    Working in partnership with the law society                        

Your growth plans are reliant on you retaining your best performers plus attracting and hiring the right people at the right time. 

Imagine knowing ahead of time who of your key employees is at risk of leaving, and why! Imagine being able to identify and engage your ideal candidates long before your competition.  And then being able to offer them a really competitive package and great job satisfaction and prospects. 

Our three-step consultative process 

By taking a proactive approach combined with the use of data and technology, we can provide you with valuable insights into your human resources. From what’s going wrong to what’s going right. 

We have a 3-step process that is designed to meet your time frames and budget. It provides you with a clear map of how your Human Resources fit into your strategic business plan allowing you to assess risk easily and maintain a return on investment.  This in turn enables you to make timely and informed decisions that help you achieve your business objectives. 

Your own talent pool platform 

By using our talent pool platform, you can tap into external talent as well as suitable internal candidates. As your talent pool fills, each candidate is scored and ranked providing an efficient screening process saving you time.  

Candidates can be easily segmented and engaged giving you a clear head start on building trust.  Your platform also provides real-time salary data for benchmarking, keeping you up to date with market trends.  If you are curious to see how it can work for you book a demo.

Is your people strategy fit for purpose?

Not convinced this is for you? Why not take our free 5-minute assessment to see how your current processes measure up against industry standards.

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