Employer Brand Transformation


​Employer brand transformation  

How we work

The key priority is to gain a clear understanding of the business and people problems you are experiencing. 

Our methodology follows these 5 key phases:


We meet with senior leaders to listen and understand the vision, what is going well and where the team thinks improvements can be made when considering culture, employee experience and recruitment.


We compile our findings and analyses into a well-structured document, presenting our recommendations and customised solutions.


We design our solution to improve people strategy and employer brand across 3 core areas, recruitment, engagement and culture


Provide login details to platform for tools, guides and reports for easy access and use.

Implement pulse survey and quarterly interviews to measure the employee experience

Why your employer brand matters

Your employer brand is crucial because it shapes how both prospective and current employees view your organisation as a workplace. A strong employer brand attracts top talent, boosts retention rates, and enhances your overall reputation. It sets you apart in a competitive job market and fosters a positive company culture.

Did you know?

  • The real cost of hiring a top quality professional is 100 - 150% of the basic salary - Ask for our cost calculator.
  • According to Gallup less than 25% of employees are engaged and 60% have quietly quit.
  • 68% of millennials and 54% Gen Z consider a firms employer brand before applying. 

What are the benefits of a strong employer brand?

  • Attracts top talent reducing the need to use agencies
  • Retention rate increases
  • Increases employee productivity
  • Strengthens your reputation in the market as an employer of choice   
  • Helps to reduce recruitment costs and increase profit 

Are you curious to know the strength of your employer brand?

​Who we have worked with 

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