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Salary & Benefits Analysis

Are your employees salary and benefits competitive?

We design compensation packages that help align your business objectives and your employees' expectations. 

Loosing a key employee to a competitor can be one of mixed emotions.  You are proud that your ex-colleague is able to progress because of the experience and skills they gained at your organisation, but on the other hand you would have preferred if they communicated with you that they their circumstances had changed and they needed a more flexible benefits package. Unfortunately, not knowing for definite where your employee salary and benefits (both financial and non financial) sits in comparison with the rest of the market will see you lose your best employees.  

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Salary & Benefits Analysis

Our tool will help you be better informed when re-evaluating both financial and non financial benefits. You will have a clear picture on how your people perceive reward. They will have clarity on what they get and why.  It will ensure you are focusing on the things that matter.

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Gender Pay Gap

Companies with more than 250 employees have a legal obligation to report on this data, however the SRA recommends that those companies with less than 250 should volunteer the information.  We can assist with handling all reporting requirements.   

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Diversity & Inclusion

Your corporate clients are increasingly looking to ensure that their panel law firms match their values and commitment to diversity and inclusion.  Although as human beings we all have biases there are practices you ought to have in place to ensure you retain both client and employees.    

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