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Employee Retention  

Employee Retention done better than ever before.
Begin by asking yourself how strong is your employer value proposition?

A whopping 82% of companies don't believe that they recruit highly talented people? So what an opportunity it is for you to be in the 18%.

Take the next step and test your EVP without delay. 

We understand the frustration and disruption caused when you your top performer hands in their notice. You may decide to make a counter offer or you could be forced into the recruitment market. There is also the consideration of cost  which continues to rise whilst the role is vacant.   Some are obvious such as advertising, others are hidden such as a drop in productivity because the team are under pressure to fill the gap.   With an increase of competition candidates have more options than ever before therefore the power is with them. With a people centric approach to your employee value proposition we can help you have a queue of top legal professionals waiting to join you.

We begin with assessing your employee value proposition and your skill gaps. Thereafter we set the wheels in motion to fill your talent pool.  You will have the right candidates at the right time for succession management, executive search or legal professional search.

Employee Value Proposition

Every employer has one, how strong is yours? A strong EVP will strengthen your brand and help to attract and retain the best talent.

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