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The rules of recruitment have changed. It's not enough to advertise a job on social media and other platforms hoping that you will be inundated with quality applicants. You need to take a proactive approach to talent acquisition because your competitors are already doing so.

Our machine learning platform allows you to capture, screen, and engage talent all year round. Quality of skills is rated and ranked making your selection easy and informative. With recruitment costs easily spiraling out of control you have reporting features to analyse key metrics.  

How it works in 3 steps

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We design & build your talent pool


Fill vacancies direct from pre-screened talent 

 Full integration with your recruitment process

You may be using spreadsheets or have an applicant tracking system to manage your recruitment process; however, our platform can integrate with your systems preventing  duplication so you have a central place to manage workforce data.

 Reduced recruitment costs

With a talent pool you will have less need to use recruitment agencies.  You will have prequalified individuals in your pool waiting
to fill both current and future vacancies.  With the average cost of replacing a senior legal advisor being twice their basic salary, you will gain a cost-effective solution that allows you to cast your net wide enough to capture and engage the best talent.

 Encourages talent development

The majority of employees move companies for better personal development as they are often overlooked for internal opportunities. Your pool encourages promotion and ensures you are up to date with skill sets so you are never caught unaware. It encourages you to keep asking the important questions about your future and current talent so you create the right opportunities.  

  Increased reach to passive candidates

75% of employees are individuals happy to talk about a new career move but are NOT active in the market. With your new approach to building a talent pool for current and future vacancies, you can engage these individuals so they become interested in you. 
This means you maximise the chances of employing the right person.  

  Measures of key data

You will have data to measure the effectiveness of your recruitment strategy such as conversion rate, cost per hire, time to hire & success rate. Keeping a close eye on this data will allow you to identify bottlenecks and improve the process.


This depends on the size of your company however the average time for a firm that has 50-60 employees will be 2- 3 weeks.

Our talent pool solution is not a one size fits all product therefore we need to gain an insight into your overall objectives so we can provide a quote and this can be given with 24  hours from viewing our demo.

We charge a setup fee plus an annual subscription.

Yes, they do. From large corporations such as Facebook & Google to mid-size boutique legal practices. 

You are fully supported both online and offline 7 days a week if you have any technical issues.

The security of our customers' data is of the utmost importance at Thomas Telman.  We employ a number of security measures.  Click here for further  info.

   Our guarantee is 100% money back if not satisfied with the product or service.