New approach to job descriptions
5 tips on how to create outstanding job descriptions

 5 tips on how to create outstanding job description

Objective: To create a compelling document that entices the right people to apply

This is important because in a survey conducted by career builder (78%) of candidates say the overall candidate experience they receive is an indicator of how a company values its people.

Consider the following tips to improve your job descriptions.

·        Opening paragraph ask questions to engage the reader. 

·        Include a section called “why work with us”

·        Don’t just bullet point duties, also explain how their role will make a difference to the company 

·        Include a section on career development/growth 

·        Include details on your values, vision and culture because this can be the main the reason why your offer is accepted. 


Opening paragraph

Open with questions that engages the reader.  For example:

Are you a practice manager that enjoys working in a fast-paced environment?  Are you a practice manager that loves problem solving and making tough decisions?   

Tip 2

Why work with us

Give the reader a flavour of your culture.  In this section provide information on what other people say about working for your organisation.  What do employee enjoy most about working for your organisation?

For example:

We are a forward-thinking medium size law firm with 60 employees.  Our employees have told us that have a working environment where people can be themselves.  The one thing we have in common is we are all involved in our mission which is to be a tier 1 firm by 2025.  We believe that to deliver a quality service to our clients we must have a people first culture.  After all happy employees leads to happy clients. 

Tip 3

Bring duties to life

Give the reader an understanding on how their role will make a difference.  For example,


Your role is critical to us meeting SRA and Law society regulations and rules of conduct

General office/facilities management

Your communication and organisation skills will ensure effective running of our operations

Plus include what a typical day looks like

Tip 4

How you can grow with us

Give the reader an idea of personal growth.  For example:

We all have different strengths and weaknesses therefore we meet people where they are.  As part of onboarding, we will create your personal development plan because we take responsibility of developing your skills and knowledge.  

 Tip 5

What is your story/values?

Provide reader with guidance on what you believe in.  For example:

Our values guide how we work with our clients and how we work as a team.  Our people love the environment we have created with the average tenure being 5 years.  We value difference and treat our employees as individuals.  We offer competitive salaries, flexible and autonomous working giving our team options on how and where they want to work.   

Next Step

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